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Tips on gutters

Clean out the gutters every year. Be sure to remove the gutter covers before you begin this task so you don’t miss any build up of leaves and debris.

Rinse out the gutters. It will not only help push clogs out, it will highlight any leaks that need repair.

Check the connections and look for any rusting areas. You might have to replace a section if it’s become too rusty.

Patch smaller holes with roofing cement, larger ones may require a metal patch.

Installing iron mesh at the mouth of the drain pipes is good, but don’t forget to check for clogs there too.

Protect your gutters with gutter screens. They will prevent build-up and allow leaves to accumulate on top of them. Just be sure to take care of those piles because as they rot so they don’t damage your roof.

Install roof overhangs wherever you can to protect the walls from being exposed to rainfall – especially on the sides of the house prone to a beating

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