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Summer yard care

Maintaining a garden in the summer months can be a little more difficult because of the heat and humidity. A good garden accentuates the house while a bad garden can make your yard look dim or uninviting. Choosing the right plants and flowers for your climate can help you have a beautiful garden all summer long. Regular upkeep and proper maintenance helps keeps a garden healthy.

Pruning your garden is a key factor to keeping it healthy. If you don’t cut off the dying parts of flowers or plants, the whole plant could go. However, if you cut off too much, it isn’t always a bad thing. The plants will grow back provided you didn’t cut off too much. You could spend a lot of money on new plants, but taking care of them from the start will keep costs down and keep plants healthy.

In the summer, most plants need to be watered frequently so make sure they get watered regularly. Watering in the morning is ideal. But, try not to water in the evening. When you water in the evening then the temperature goes down, there is a higher risk of fungus forming which can be harmful to the plants. If anything is starting to turn brown that is a very strong sign that they need water or that the plant is already dead. Potted plants or plants in containers usually dry out more quickly. Be careful not to over water though!

In order to keep your grass and garden looking their best weeding is a must. Weeds can become very annoying if they are not taken care of but you can always spray your yard or garden with a weed killer to keep them away. If you want to remove weeds by hand make sure to remove the entire root or the weeds may keep growing back. Using a weed suppressing mulch in a garden can also be very helpful.

Mulch is an important factor in keeping plants healthy because it locks in moisture and nutrients. A layer of mulch should be about 1 to three inches thick so it can retain moisture but not take too much away from plants. Remember that mulch needs to be replaced or have fresh mulch added when it starts to dry out. Every so often you should turn up your mulch to make sure it doesn’t dry out.

These are just some basics of keeping your yard looking nice during the hot summer months. Many different plants react differently and you should research them before putting them in around your house. Make sure you buy plants or flowers that can thrive in the area that you live in and make sure your soil can sustain whatever greenery that you would like. Don’t let your money go down the drain on wasted plants. Instead follow these tips to keep your yard looking beautiful all throughout the Summer

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