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How to: touch up painting

Over the years the paint on the walls in your home may become chipped or stained so they may need to be touched up every once and a while. Finding the exact paint color is essential to making your touch up job look good. A shade that is slightly off can be obvious if you are just touching up and can require a lot of re-painting. After a year or so after being painted the color becomes hard to match so it is always a good idea to keep excess paint from before. If an area has been repaired many times already or is in a high traffic area, you may want to consider painting the entire wall. Make sure to try to blend the paint into the old paint when doing touch ups. For a smaller area this means dabbing the paint instead or brushing. If one wall of a room needs to be painted again but the others don’t it’s okay! As long as the walls are very similar colors, it does not matter if they are exactly the same color. Shadows in a room can make one wall look darker than another even if they are the same shade

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